AG Open 2022

Event Information

When: April 23-24th, 2022

NOTE, this event has concluded.

Thanks to Ars Gladii for holding a fun and successful event ~MiHEMAA Admin

Where: The PARC, 650 Church St., Plymouth MI, 48170

Cost: $70, includes all tournament events and classes



  • Longsword, Tier A and B
  • Medieval 1-Hand Sword
  • Longsword Cutting
  • Team Longsword

Ruleset and Equipment Requirements

What Division Should I Fence In?

Tier A – If you are always making it the the higher bracket stages in your competitions, and in contention for a medal, Tier A is for you.

Tier B is for fencers who:

  • Are new to tournament fencing.
  • Do not typically advance out of pools, or are eliminated early in bracket stages.

We expect most tournament competitors will be part of the Tier B tournament.

Note: Please select only ONE of the two individual Longsword events. Any participant who registers for both will be unregistered from Tier B.

What is Team Longsword?

Team Longsword is an 3-fencer team event designed to to promote school spirit and healthy competition between groups, rather than just between individuals. All participants are eligible to participate. Teams will be registered the day of the tournament. Each team must consist of members of the same school or club. Those without a club or who do not have enough participating members will be randomly assigned to mixed school teams at the end of registration. For more information, see the Ruleset link above.


More details coming soon, but our current instructor list includes:

  • Sean Franklin
  • Josh Furrate
  • Frank Zamary
  • Scott Jeffers