Brezelhau II

Brezelhau II – May 4, 2019 – NOTE, this event has concluded.

Thanks to the Michigan Medieval Combat association for holding a fun and successful event ~MiHEMAA Admin

Rotary Park in Livonia, MI.
(Pavilion 1)

The Michigan Medieval Combat Association invites sword fighters of all skill levels to take part in our yearly HEMA tournament!

NEW weapon categories and ruleset for 2019!

This year we’ll be using a fechtschule ruleset based on tournaments from 16th Century Germany. The most notable quirk of these tournaments is there is no thrusting attacks, ONLY strikes to the head. The various schools in attendance will represent the guilds, (teams). Each bout you win earns you two “gulden” (coins). The two tournaments will be STEEL LONGSWORD, and LEATHER DUSSACK. 

There will be prizes for:
-last man standing.
-guild who brings the most combatants.
-most coins earned (individual).
-most coins earned (by guild).
-most exemplary fighter.

This is intended to be a friendly, more fun and casual atmosphere, without the heavy stresses, (or price tag), of bigger tournaments.

In honor of the infamous illustration in Jörg Wilhalm Hutter’s 1523 combat treatise “Kunst zu Augspurg”, which depicts a random pretzel vendor amongst the swordsmen, we will be serving pretzels at the tournament!

11am: registration/equipment check

1pm: tournament begins

$20 entry fee.


Equipment Guide:

Weapons: If you’re concerned that your longsword/dussack won’t pass our standards, please message us. Most acceptable major name-brand longswords will pass. Purple Heart Armory leather dussacks are our first choice. We will do our best to provide loaner equipment and weapons.

Head = Head protection must cover the entire face and front of the throat, and the entire head and front of the throat must be covered for competitive sparring. It must be sturdy enough to withstand impacts. There should be no gaps in coverage that would allow a thrust or strike to the face.

Throat = A covering to protect the throat.
Torso = Clothing to cover the body.
Groin = An internal or external cup.
Elbow = Hard elbow covering to protect the joints.

Hands = Sturdy gloves or gauntlets must be used to protect the hands and wrists. Gloves must include protection on the sides and tips of the fingers sufficient to resist hard strikes from weapons. An unsupplemented lacrosse glove is not sufficient. Steel Gauntlets need additional interior padding of some sort. A mechanic’s-style glove has minimal padding and when used inside a metal gauntlet would not be sufficient. Most HEMA-dedicated synthetic gloves or gauntlets, such as Sparring Gloves and Black Lance, are adequate. Finger breaks and hand injuries are the most common, and we will do our best to be conscientious of these risks.

Legs = Hard knee covering to protect the joints.

Feet = Covering of some sort.

Throat = A covering to protect the throat.

Torso = Clothing to cover the body. Clothing should be puncture resistant.

Legs = Hard knee covering to protect the joints. Feet = Covering of some sort.


If you have any questions about equipment requirements, rules, etc. please feel free to message us!

Also see Facebook Event: Brezelhau Event Page