Clubs, Schools, Groups

The following is a partial list of Clubs, Groups and Schools (listed in no particular order)
For a summary of when some of the groups meet, see Meeting Days below

Ann Arbor Sword Club

Ann Arbor, MI
Since 1977
Modern and Historical Fencing, including
– Longsword
– Rapier
– Smallsword
– Sabre
– Sword and Buckler
– Staff Weapons

Ars Gladii

Redford, MI
Chivalric Combat Arts centered on the manuscripts of Central Europe
– Longsword
– Wrestling
– Dagger
– Messer/Sword & Buckler
– The Axe
– The Spear
– Armored Combat

Michigan Medieval Combat Association

Livonia, MI.
Historical research based:
-Sword & Buckler
-Cloak & Dagger
-Peasant Staff

Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society

Toledo, OH
– Longsword
– Rapier
– Sword and Buckler
+ others

Lansing Longsword Guild

Lansing MI
Contact: Adam Franti
– Longsword
– Dusack
– Rapier (German and Italian)
– Dagger and Wrestling
– Staff

Centerline Sword School

Near Grand Rapids, MI
Centerline Sword School Facebook Page
– Longsword
– Dagger
– Wrestling
+ Others

School of the Sword at EMU

Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI
Contact: Brandon Harris or Terry Gruber
– Longsword
– Sabre
– Variety of other forms based on interest and available equipment

Grand Rapids HEMA Society

Grand Rapids, MI
Contact: (Jerry Berg)
-Rapier (& dagger)
-Sword and Buckler
-Viking sword and shield

The Cloak and Dagger Fencing Club

Leslie, MI
Contact: Tell Parris, (316) 213-4229
Modern and Historical fencing, including
– Longsword
– Sword and Buckler
– Sabre
– Dagger
– Tomahawk


Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI
Contact: Andrew Marckini –
Historical Fencing, including:
– Longsword
– Sword and Buckler
– Spear
– Saber
– Dagger

Duel at Dusk Combat

Brighton, MI
Historical research based Combat arts in HEMA & HAMA
– Rapier – Rapier/Rapier & Dagger/Rapier & Cloak
– Longsword – Sword/Sword & Shield/Sword & Buckler
– Sabre
– Spear – Spear/Spear & Shield/Pike/Quarter Staff
– Pugilism
– Khopesh with & without shield
– Iklwa with & without shield
– African Spear
– Dambe Boxing

Capital City Martial Arts

Note: This group is currently inactive
Lansing MI
Facebook Link
Focused on 19th Century Historical forms

Great Lakes Viking Martial Arts

Mt. Morris Township (Flint) MI.
Ted Kokx
Glima- Historical Viking combat

Meeting Days…

Some of the known meeting days. NOTE – These are general and may be impacted by season, holidays and special events.

– Michigan Medieval Combat Association
– Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society

– Ann Arbor Sword Club
– Lansing Longsword Guild

– Centerline Sword School

– Lansing Longsword Guild
– School of the Sword EMU


– Centerline Sword School

– Ars Gladii